Special page for me but i can not

forget them they have all a special place for me sometimes they where a gread champ but it whas not importent they have means a lot off me. Thanks my friends i mis you for always but i keep you in my heart.

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Quarter off Ten Pin Bowls

became nex titels:

 * Belgium champ

 * Nederlands champ

 * Luxembourg Champ

 * International Champ

 * EUDDC Champ

 * 4 times Best off BDDC (Belgium club)

 * Brussels Winner '95 - '96

 * Vice-World champ '95 (Brussel)

 * Vice-World Champ '96 (Budapest)

Urko off ten pin Bowls

We just Urko only for the bloodline and do sometimes show with him but he not like this so he win not a lot off and let him home

he whas one time club champ off BDDC

Equrikancha de la Benjamine (black)
became nex titels: * Champ off France
                                * Belgium Champ
Diego de la Benjamine

Diego do few contest and had always cac but he brought the ilnesse with him from his breeder leishmanoise so we stop with the contests because sometime he whas verry ill. And we used him only for breeding.

Killian del buena Vista
Killian had always good result on contest and had also cac, sometimes for his whit the judge not give it, he died early with turning lestomac and this whas a problem with his line so i whas happy a had no puppy's from his blood and i also stopped with fawn and brindle.
Lady van 't xitahof:
Lady had a won a few shows with cac and i want started with her a new line but she give no puppy's and my male died so i stoped with started fawn and brindle.
Zohra de Lathuy:daughter from Santa de Lathuy and Urko off Ten Pin Bowls
Titels from Zohra:
* Belgium champ
* Queen from the B.D.D.C 
Dara van de waterwinning:daughter from Zohra de Lathuy and Festus von Himmelkrom
Titels from  Dara:
Heike van de waterwinning:daughter from Dara van de Waterwinning and Vahi de Majolière
Heike take this results:
Ilona van de waterwinning (black) daughter from Dara v/d waterwinning and Eminem Medium
Ilona had nex results:
Madonna van de waterwinning: daughter from Heike van de waterwinning and Diego de la Benjamine
Madonna do no contest i keep here for breeding.